Jos Verlooy & Domino

Well-Deserved Retirement for Domino vd Middelstede

Belgian show-jumper Jos Verlooy has decided to retire his 15-year-old horse Domino vd Middelsteede from the sport. The rider states on Facebook: “The time has come for you to start your retirement. I think back to all the fantastic years we spent together, the amazing career we had as a team and all the unforgettable memories we created. Your endless talent gave me the confidence and ambition to reach the top. I cannot ever thank you enough for everything you taught me, in the sport and as a horseman.”
Verlooy started with the Belgian Thunder van de Zuuthoeve son when he was 14 and the horse was seven. They won the Belgian Junior championship and worked together up to the 2012 EC in Herning, the 2014 WEG in Caen and the 2015 EC in Aachen. Furthermore they finished fifth in the World Cup Final of Las Vegas and won the Los Angeles Grand Prix Masters as well as the Nations Cups of St. Gallen and Aachen.