Isabell Werth & Emilio

Aachen: Werth with Emilio and Bella Rose – Weihegold Stays at Home

Today the German FN has announced that Weihegold OLD will not be competed in Aachen. Instead, Isabell Werth will bring Emilio to the sighting for Tryon. The dressage committee, so it is said, wants to use the CHIO to see Emilio and Bella Rose. After Bella Rose’s successful comeback inĀ Fritzens she will now be competed in the CDI4* tour. Werth told that all three of her horses were super fit and that she looked forward to the challenge. It was a big difference to go from Fritzens to Aachen. And she thought it correct for Emilio to have to prove himself in Aachen. One already knew what Weihegold was capable of.