Former World Champion and Burg-Pokal Winner Desperado OLD Has Died

According to Oldenburger gelding Desperado has died two months ago at age 14. When Desperado was five years old he won the World Championship of the young dressage horses under Nadine Plaster, one year later they were placed sixth. Then the Dressage Royal son was sold to Ralf Hartmann, who gave his ride to Carola Koppelmann. The pair won the 2011 N├╝rnberger Burg-Pokal in the Frankfurter Festhalle and one year later they were in the Final of the Louisdor Cup. In 2013 they started competing at Grand Prix level. However, after the 2013 event the pair did not make another public appearance. A statement concerning the circumstances of the horse’s death does not exist.