Adelinde Cornelissen & Parzival

US former Dressage Judge Wants to Sue Cornelissen

Just recently Dutch dressage rider had to cope with her forfeit at the Olympic Games in Rio with Parzival, after he suffered an insect bite and fever and was without strength during their performance, now she might be about to face another problem.
Collen Kelly, trainer and tutor in biomechanics and former dressage judge and Grand Prix horse instructor from the USA will wants to sue Adelinde Cornelissen. She states on her home page that she had enough evidence (which she currently would show to no one), but everyone could find videos on Youtube that showed Cornelissen doing hyperflexion with Parzival. Kelly claims that the Dutch rider abuses her horse.
Debut for Pius Schwizer and His New Horse
Swiss Pius Schwizer will compete a new horse at the CSI3* in Macon Chaintra these days. He has taken over the ride of 10-year-old French mare Sabine des Ibis by Nartago/Adelfos. As yet the mare was competed by Nicolas Paillot up to 1,45m level. The previous rider is also the owner of the horse, but he has sold a part to Schwizer.