Fabienne Lütkemeier & Qui Vincit Dynamis

Unexpected Winners: Fabienne Lütkemeier and Qui Vincit Dynamis

The World Dressage Masters, the most valuable five-star dressage series in the world have taken place at the Wiesbaden Schlosspark and Fabienne Lütkemeier was able to win the Grand Prix. She and the 17-year-old chestnut Oldenburger gelding Qui Vincit Dynamis won the competition with 70,940 percent. “I’m completely satisfied with Quincy,” the winner said happily. “During the warm up he bucked for most of the time, therefore I didn’t expect to win.” Lütkemeier didn’t want to comment on their performance in tomorrow’s floodlight freestyle, which always is a challenge for horse and rider: “We will see how it goes. Today he was very joyful during the warm up. I hope to be able to get him to focus, but I hope I can rely on the wisdom that comes with age.”
Second place in the Grand Prix went to Sönke Rothenberger, who won last year’s Freestyle in Wiesbaden with Favourit. He remembers: “It was one of the most beautiful experiences. All the lights…and then there were two big bottles of sparkling wine.” The Rio candidate was in a good mood. He even saw Favourit’s stumble during the walk tour with humour “I thought he’d fly out of the dresage arena and already imagined the bell ringing.” Rothenberger also wasn’t content with the middle line with the gallop pirouettes, but he liked the piaffe and passage tour with this 17-year-old partner: “Piaffe and passage seldom were as good as today.”
Juliana Brunkhorst and 9-year-old Fürstano by Fürst Heinrich are new to the international Grand Prix. They only took part in their third international Grand Prix and Brunkhorst said: “He was really impressed by the scenery and therefore some errors crept into our performance. Tomorrow we will show a new freestyle but I hope that he trusts me. I certainly am looking forward to it.”