Sad Day for Patrik Kittel – Deja Disqualified after Her Best Freestyle

At first, Swedish Patrik Kittel could hardly believe his luck: the feeling the 9-year-old daughter of Silvano gave her rider during the World Dressage Masters Freestyle at Vidauban had he never experienced before – despite the rain and storm. In the end, the display panel showed a great 82,5 percent. Then, however, chief judge Roudier came to Patrik Kittel and told him that Deja had a little bit of blood in her mouth.
The Swedish rider tells on his facebook page: It is one of the saddest days of my life. The only explanation I can give is that this happened when she jumped to the side due to an umbrella. When we left the arena there was no bloody to be seen anymore. However, I fully support the Blood rule. Now I can’t stop crying…”
Italian Valentina Truppa and Fixdesign Chablis won the freestyle with 74,925 ahead of the two German rider Thomas Wagner (with Amoricello and 74,925 percent) and Bernadette Brunde (with Spirit of the Age OLD and 73,575 percent).