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Traditional Sponsor Aachen Münchener Drops Out of CHIO Aachen

The Aachen Münchener, an insurance group owned by Generali Deutschland Holding AG, will reduce staff numbers in Aachen over the next years today’s Aachener Zeitung reported. This will also have negative effects for the sponsoring at the CHIO Aachen. The long-standing main sponsor, one of the oldest companions of the Weltfest des Pferdesports, whose name is also the name of the opposite stands in the show jumping arena, will drop out as main sponsor of the event so the newspaper announced. The three-year contract which ends in 2016 will not be continued. Chief executive Christoph Schmallenbach told the Aachener Zeitung, that the advertising spaces were more suitable for companies that operate across Europe and the whole world.  CHIO spokesman Niels Knipperts told the newspaper that it was clear that there would be changes in the sponsoring of events with such long-standing tradition and that they had to cope with it.