Totilas, selection and the German team for Aachen

The last day in Perl-Borg was the day of decisions: After his good results Matthias Rath was called to the German A squad together with Totilas as well as into the team for Aachen since the couple from Kronberg had even won the Special apart from a couple of faults. As a matter of fact, the winning was not that clear as in the Grand Prix. They achieved 82.196 percent as they had two faults in the changes. “I actually didn’t intend to make things so exciting”, the winner said smiling. “I would have preferred rounds like those in Wiesbaden. But faults can happen and I rather prefer them here than anywhere else.” Isabell Werth and Bella Rose, daughter of Bellissimo, who is constantly improving her performance followed the couple closely. The couple achieved 81.647 percent and thus more than 80 percent for the second time after the Grand Prix. “I am still enthusiastic“, Werth said with a big smile when talking about her wonder mare who is her hope for future championships. Kristina Sprehe and her stallion Desperados repeatedly came in third having „a really good feeling“ (79.725 percent).

After these performances, that was for sure, these three riders are also going to make up the team of Aachen. Helen Langehanenberg with Damon Hill will join them. She received dispensation from the federal coach as she already did in Balve. Facing four riders, who can achieve more than 80 percent, the competitors in Aachen can expect a big challenge. In the Soers there will be more top-class riders than ever before. Apart from the top couples from Germany Charlotte Dujardin and Valegro, the Olympic winner, and Adeline Cornelissen with Parzival, who have gained new strength, will be among the participants.