Roger-Yves Bost & Pegase du Murier

Pégase grows wings !

When Bosty participates in a speed class, he gives it all. And today was no exception during the Eiffel Sunday Challenge presented by the Mairie de Paris, last five stars classes of the Longines Paris Eiffel Jumping. With his fiery Pégase du Murier, the 2013 European champion, crowd favorite, made the Marseillaise resounded on the Plaine de Jeux de Bagatelle.

Only few of the 48 riders of the start-list managed to find the keys to success on this course designed by the Rio Olympic Games’ course designer, Guilherme Jorge. Fourth to go on the arena, Germany Katharina Offel had the leadership for a while, but then clear rounds started to add up. Lauren Hough and Laura Renwick then led the competition but that was before the rider who makes the crowd raises every time he shows up, goes in. Roger-Yves Bost, the ‘rocket’ is known to be very quick and hard to catch up with.

The French rider finished his round in 56,10 seconds in a thunderous applause, a second faster than Lauren Hough, who was then leading. The French rider smiled a satisfied smile, but remained careful and said to Claude, his groom: “there’s still heavy competition coming up”. Indeed, Pénélope Leprévost, John Whitaker, Patrice Delaveau, Scott Brash, Ludger Beerbaum, Bertram Allem, Abdelkebir Quaddar, to name only a few, were still to go. Until the last one of them, Harrie Smolders, Bosty was nervous, concerned while one could hear him whisper: “slowly, slowly, come on!” But the Dutch put the waiting to an end when he crossed the finishing line with more than a 2 seconds gap.

He partly owes this victory to the amazing behavior of his gray stallion: “When Pégase is in shape, we can jump anything. The course was quite quick, there were two tricky turns, but the horse was in good shape during the first day and here again. When he is like that, he is magnificent”. A good omen for the future?: ‘I don’t make any plans. We improve quietly; I really want to take time to do it right with him. We’re having fun, that’s the most important.”

The light rain did not spoil this beautiful victory. This weekend of sports was amazing for the Tricolors with no less than four French victories over five classes. The third edition of the Longines Paris Eiffel Jumping was a success and a good sports moment, only one month away from the Olympic Games of Rio.

Photo: ©RBpresse