Scott Brash & Hello Forever

After Disqualification: Scott Brash Speaks about Blood Rule

The Blood Rule has forever been a controversial issue in the equestrian sport. Is it correct to disqualify every horse that has only a slight bit of blood on his flank or mouth? Is it important to keep the sport believable? Does it happen for the horse’s welfare or does it only paint a misleading picture of the athlete?
The root of the current discussion is the incident from the weekend, when British Scott Brash was disqualified at the Global Champions League in Portugal when a steward saw a minimal bloodstain on Hello Forever. The Brash’s team, Miamy Glory, therefore lost its victory. Brash now told Horse & Hound that he was disappointed, but that his horse’s health and happiness was always most crucial for him and his grooms. “These rules are there for the welfare of the horses and the good of the sport.” He furthermore said that he was all for it but that he thought that in this case the wrong decision was made. He did not know when or how the almost untraceable mark occurred. He had watched the video back and forth and could not find anything. “It was such a small mark and higher up than it would usually be from a spur,” Brash said. Some horses were sensitive and got marks easily but Hello Forever was not, the top rider said. “I do think the rules need to be improved,” since there was a big difference between someone really hurting a horse with spurs and a small mark.”
Surprise: German Show-jumping Team for Aachen
German national trainer Otto Becker had already announced that there will be changes in the team for this year’s championship. Young riders are supposed to get a chance since the horses of some experienced riders are injured. The five riders for Aachen, who will compete for a place in the team at the EC are: Marcus Ehning, Laura Klaphake, Marco Kutscher, Maurice Tebbel and Philip Weishaupt. It will be decided in Aachen who is reserve rider and who will be part of the team. All entries for Aachen can be found here.