Swedish Dressage Squad Announced

The Swedish Equestrian Federation has announced the new dressage squad for the 2017 season. While Kyra Kryklund is no longer coach of the team Bo Jena stays team captain of the Grand Prix riders. The members of the so-called elite squad for the season ware Mads Hendeliowitz,  Patrik Kittel, Rose Mathisen, Therese Nilshagen, Juliette Ramel, Tinne Vilhelmson Silfven and Michelle Hagmann. In order to become part of the elite squad one has to be able to achieve at least 72 percent in the Grand Prix. The A squad, the national team, has two more members, namely Paulinde Friberg and Kristian von Krusenstierna. In order to become part of the A squad the rider has to have achieved 70 percent at least two times.