Sabotage among the Hungarian Team: Doping in Order to Get a Place in Team

The FEI has announced that the two Hungarian riders Garbor Szabo Jr and Mariann Hugyecz will not be punished for the positive doping tests of their horses Timpex Bolcsesz and Chacco Boy. There is reason to believe that the horses were doped deliberately. Apparently an opponent used doping in order to have a chance to get a spot in the team for the European Championships. The FEI described the case as “truly extraordinary”.
In August last year, at the World Cup qualification in Bratislava both horses tested positive for the illegal substance Acepromazine, a sedative. At the event both riders addressed the Ground Jury because they noticed their horses’ unusual behaviour as well as needle punctures. Therefore both riders withdrew their horses from the competition.
Witnesses say they saw Lazlo Toth Jnr, who was reserve for the EC equipe, leave the box of Timpex Bolecsesz at the event on August 5th. Another rider’s groom said he saw him go into the box with an apple and a syringe. The police was called an Lazlo Toth Jnr was banned by the national federation. At the same time the federation asked the FEI not to punish Hugyecz and Szabo. The FEI found the explanations and results to be conclusive and will decide about taking legal action against Toth in case the national federation provides them with more proof.
You can read about the whole case here.