Rich Fellers & Flexible

Rich Fellers’ Flexible Retired

Irish stallion Flexible, who had a very successful career under US American
Rich Fellers will be retired at age 21. The Cruising son and Fellers won the
2012 World cup Final in ‘s-Hertogenbosch. It was the first US American victory
after 25 year.From 2009 to 2016 the pair attended eight World Cup Finals.

In 2012 -after the World Cup Final- the pair was part of the team at the
Olympic Games in London. They were placed eighth in the individual rating.

Fellers said that the decision was very tough on him even though he had always
thought about himself that he was not a very emotional person. He further said
that he knew the horse had still some wins left in him but that that was no
reason to keep going. The horse was sound and healthy but also 21 years old.
Even though he looked and felt great it was important not to deny his age.”

The pair achieved 34 victories on the international stage. Now Fellers and the
owners have agreed that Flexible is now Fellers horse and can enjoy his
retirement at his place. Flexible’s official retirement ceremony will take
place in Del Mar at May 6th.