Ulla Salzgeber & Herzruf's Erbe

Salzgeber Succeeds in the Freestyle

Victory for Ulla Salzgeber in the Grand Prix and also in the Freestyle: the double Olympic champion was able to achieve her second golden ribbon in Frankfurt with Herzruf’s Erbe . In the freestyle, the pair who is part of the German Championship team received 77,725 percent for a freestyle Salzgeber had not yet performed in public. The choreography was based on gospel music. “This freestyle was sitting in my drawer for quite some time and I took it out just last week. Therefore it was really exciting to perform it today, I had only tried it once at home. However, it was a great first performance. I was even able to start riding – even if I did not have the time,” the victor laughed. “I was neither able to feel nor think – I only wanted to be on time for the music.” The performance had beautiful hightlights, only the changes led to some point loss. Second place went to Dorothee Schneider with Westfalian mare Forward Looking (77,000 percent), although Schneider had had a busy week behind her. At the beginning of the week she had competed at the World Cup in London. “It was a big strain, but great,” she said. “It is only a one hour flight from Frankfurt. Furthermore, I really wanted to compete in the Festhalle because it is always a highlight for me.” Meanwhile, Forward Looking is more confident and secure in her performance and so the pair was not far away from the victory.
Third place went to Spanish Beatriz Ferrer-Salat with gelding Sir Radjah by Sir Donnerhall, who is only nine years old. They received 73,900 percent for their freestyle. Sir Radjah came to Ferrer-Salat’s yard at the age of only three years . Back then, the rider thought him to be “ok,” but when she rode him for the first time she was immediately smitten with the horse. “From that point on I was in love,” the third-place winner said happily. “He always wants to give his best and I think there will be coming even more from him in the future.”