Positive Test for Nadja Peter Steiner’s horse

The FEI has announced that at the CSI3* in Tetouan (MAR) Nadja Peter Steiner’s (SUI) horse Saura de Fondcombe tested positive for the prohibited substance o-desmethyltramadol, which is used as a painkiller for humans. Five days later at the CSIO in Rabat the horse was tested again, and the result was negative. The rider was and her horse were both temporarily banned for two months by the FEI. The rider will request the analysis of the b sample and has to make a statement to the FEI.
According to the Pferdewoche Steiner cannot explain the positive test result and is deeply shocked. “Neither myself nor anyone in my environment have given the horse this substance. When the sample was taken they took blood, but in the FEI’s report mentions a urine sample.” The amount of the substance was in the nanograms range, which, according to the rider, could be found in ordinary tap water.