Paul Estermann & Castlefield Eclipse

Paul Estermann Withdraws from EC

Swiss show-jumper Paul Estermann will not compete at the EC in Gothenburg. He himself withdrew from the event. This week it became known that Estermann was suspected of having violated the animal protection law and that the suspicion was given to the public prosecuter’s office. In the interest of animal welfare and since he did not want the team to be affected despite the presumption of innocence, Esterman decided not to attend the championship. Furthermore he will not compete at Nations Cups for the duration of the investigation.
Estermann will now be succeeded by Janika Sprunger with Aris CMS. The five riders who will travel to the EC are:
Romain Duguet (Muri near Bern) with Twentytwo des Biches
Martin Fuchs (Wängi TG) with Clooney III
Steve Guerdat (Elgg ZH) with Bianca or Hannah III
Janika Sprunger (Hamonot Achel, BEL) with Aris CMS
Nadja Peter Steiner (Jona SG) with Saura de Fondcombe