Patrik Kittel & Deja

Patrik Kittel and Lyndal Oeatley Settle at Conny Endres’ Eulenhof

For twelve years Swedish Patrik Kittel and Australian Lyndal Oatley were based with the Tecklenborg family in Appelhülsen-Nottuln where they ran their business. However, in the middle of the month the owner of Haus Giesking, Marianne Tecklenborg, died, so eurodressage announced. Kittel and Oatley bought the Eulenhof in Dulmen, where German national coach for pony dressage, Conny Endres, lived before. While their new home is to be renovated the pair will stay in Haus Giesking. It could take them for up to a year to move. There they want to extend their thriving business.