Marcus Ehning & Pret A Tout

Otto Becker: “We will keep fighting” – Double Lead for Sweden

Gothenburg jublates: Peder Fredericson, silver medal winner of the Olympic Games, and H&M All In by Kashmir van Schuttershof-Andiamo Z stay in the lead of the individual rating and the Swedish team is now also in rank 1. The hosts with 8,21 penalty points lead ahead of Switzerland with 11,15 points. The Irish and Belgians currently share rank 3.
In the individual rating nothing changed: Fredericson is first ahead of Marcus Ehning with 14-year-old Selle Francais gelding Pret A Tout by Hiram Chambertin -Stew Boy and Portuguese Luciana Diniz with Fit for Fun by For Pleasure – Fabriano.
Today Marcus Ehning was the first rider to compete for the German team. He was supposed to calm the team with a clear round, and he delivered. “Pret A Tout was even more relaxed today,” the oldest rider of the squad said. “In hindsight perhaps I rode too fast.” Ehning did not think starting first was a disadvantage. “I’ve been first or last rider to compete for more than ten years – and today I was able to watch 30 pairs before me.” Ehning described the course as very fair but one had to ride very precisely and find a rhythm. “But the course offers many possibilities, one can adjust to one’s horse and is flexible.”
Laura Klaphake came from the course even more positive than yesterday. Today she and 9-year-old Oldenburger mare Catch Me If You Can were able to produce a clear round. “I had such a great feeling,” the 23-year-old said, happy. “Yesterday I also had a good feeling but then I was dreaming. Today I tried to do it better and it worked. I watched Marcus’ round before. That looked like an E competition and was motivation for me. I thought: That’s how you want to do it. I enjoyed the course – it was finished quickly.”
When Maurice Tebbel came into the Mixed Zone he was sad. The rider from Emsbüren and 10-year-old Westphalian gelding Chacco’s Son by Chacco-Blue – Lancer III had three fences down. The first mistake happened at the Oxer after the water. Tebbel made too much pressure at the water; he wanted to avoid a mistake like yesterday and came too fast to the Oxer. Another bar at the end of the triple combination also fell and one of the second to last fence. “I seldom was so disappointed,” Tebbel said. “I don’t know if he doesn’t feel secure on the gound. Outside he was relaxed. I hope to contribute something for the team tomorrow.”
Philip Weishaupt also could not be satisfied. After his mistake at the first fence of the double combination he will have to say goodbye to a medal in the individual rating. The 10-year-old grey stallion LB Convall by Colman-Cascavelle jumped extremely well. It was a careless mistake, but a costly one. “I cannot blame myself,” Weishaupt said. “I think he never ever had a mistake with his hind legs at an oxer, it’s happened the first time. And we really would have needed a clear round. I hope that we’ll do better tomorrow. Even Ludger, who usually is very critical, doesn’t know what the problem was.
German coach Otto Becker drew his conclusion: “It stared great. Marcus as first rider was supposed to calm the team. Laura showed a good reaction to yesterday. Maurice wanted to attack at the water and then he perhaps lacked concentration. But it would not be appropriate to criticise him. We will support him so he can look forward to tomorrow. Perhaps it will help that there will be no water tomorrow. And Philip’s mistake was an unlucky one. He lost a horse shoe before and just made it to the competition. I’m satisfied with today’s result of four points. The team presented itself well. It’s an experience to be here with this team. It is so much fun with this great squad.”