050 Frie Goldmädchen

After third place in Kentucky now gold in Normandy

In total 241.700 percent that was the final outcome of the German dressage team and thus the gold medal. It is the tenth team gold for the team from Germany. Despite a fantastic performance of Charlotte Dujardin and Valegro the team from Great Britain lacked considerably behind and had to content itself with 231.343 percent. The Dutch team occupied the third place achieving 227.400 percent.

Isabell Werth, who can look back on a long championship career, noted: “This seems to be one of the strongest teams Germany has ever had.“ And Helen Langehanenberg added: “It is such an honour to be part of this team.” Langehanenberg knows what to do in the special: “I am going to attack as usually.” Isabell Werth, who came in second in the test, also wants to join the battle for the medals. “New game, new chance.“ Monica Theodorescu, the federal coach, managed to win the gold medal for the second time on the occasion of her second championship as front woman. ”This is such a good feeling. It is so much fun to work with riders like this. Last year it still was a real nail-biter. This year we had a considerable lead over the others. It is great to follow all this and to be finally able to give something back as well.”