Kristina Bröring-Sprehe & Desperados FRH

With New Best and Positive Feeling towards Rio

Kristina Bröring-Sprehe has sent out a message that stakes her claims for individual gold in Rio during the Freestyle at the CHIO Aachen: She and Hanoverian stallion Desperados FRH rode with perfection which was awarded with 88,825 percent by the judges – a new international best of the pair. And that even though the rider herself first didn’t have such a good feeling. Monica Theodorescu said: “I didn’t see Tina. She came out of the arena and said:’ Ok, one of the pirouettes wasn’t that great, but I didn’t make mistakes in the flying changes this time.’ She was so hesitant that I thought that something had happened. And then I saw the 88 percent on the board.” The rider said: “In the beginning he was a little bit overzealous, maybe one couldn’t see that. However, throughout the competition my feeling became better and better. We gave him more to eat recently, he has also gained more strength, that’s what we noticed in Aachen. He fighted so well and still had enough strength left, even after that third competition. It’s nice that we were able to improve in comparison with Balve and that we can now go to Rio with a positive feeling.”
Second place in the Freestyle went to Isabell Werth with Weihegold OLD (86,950 percent). The Rheinberger presented her “Tanze Samba mit mir ” Freestyle for the first time in a new form and therefore sometimes had trouble to keep in time with the music. “We still have to do some fine tuning,” the rider said. “In some transitions I still have to show her how it’s done, but apart from that I’m very satisfied today.”
Dorothee Schneider, who achieved 86,925 percent with Showtime FRH was also content. In the beginning the Holsteiner gelding didn’t want to stand still and he was too enthusiastic in the last piaffe, but apart from that the pair showed a convincing performance once again. “When the audience applaused for Tina he jerked a bit and in the end he just wanted to leave but it was a great competition,” so the German said. “With only 10 years he’s the youngest horse in the competition.” She said he usually hid his light under a bushel but “In the stable he’s already the prince. In winter he was still quite nervous, but I tried to give him more confidence. However, one never knows…. It also could have happened that he would not have been ready this year.”
Chief judge Peter Holler, who also was judge at last week’s British Horse in Hartpury, said that the German dressage team has reason to be confident regarding Rio. However, he also said “it is going to be tough there”. Monica Theodorescu agreed: “Now we have to calm down a bit. Rio will not be a stroll in the park.”