Michael Jung & Sam

Annoying Mistake for Michael Jung: Third place

Similar to Sandra Auffarth second German rider Michael Jung fared in the dressage part. He had a great feeling with Sam but he left the arena with a costly mistake: “We had a short Misunderstanding,” the title defender commented. “But it was only a little disaster.” The Wurttemberger gelding thought too early that now a flying change would come, but then Jung reined him in and then Sam was focused again. “It is an annoying mistake. It shouldn’t happen at such an important event. But there are still two other disciplines. I hope that there won’t be further slips.”

Jung also said that he had a lot of pressure and dreamed of winning gold: “One always wants to be one of the best!” Michael Jung was not able to compare the cross country course to that in London in 2012 “I always find such a comparison to be difficult. London was also not to be underestimated. But it certainly hasn’t been the most difficult course we’ve rode yet.”