David Will & Mic Mac du Tillard

Retirement for Mic Mac du Tillard

David Will (GER) has said goodbye to his mare Mic Mac du Tillard at the Longines Global Champions Tour in Paris. The 17-year-old Cruising daughter was with the German rider for three years. Previously the horse was competed by Swedish Angelica Augustsson-Zenotelli, who won the 2011 World Cup in Gothenburg as well as team bronze at the 2013 EC in Herning. David Will was able to continue the success with placements at five-star events like Hamburg, Aachen, Miami or Cannes. This year the pair won their last 1,55/1,66m competition in Madrid. “The last three years were a very special time for me,” Will said. “Mic Mac is an exceptional mare with a real fighter mentality and she will always try her best for you.” He furthermore said he thought she could still compete at this level for the next two years, but after all she had done for them it was time to give something back. “She can be quite difficult sometimes and can make things difficult for herself in a competition. But since she is so brave she always tries her best.”
Mic Mac will now return to the Normandy where her breeder and owner lives. She will start her breeding career there.