Maurice Tebbel & Don Diarado

Maurice Tebbel Needs to Analyse the Video

The third German pair Maurice Tebbel and only 9-year-old Rhinelander stallion Don Diarado by Diarado/Lord Dancer had bad luck at the water. “I thought I had a good distance,” so Tebbel said. “I do not know if I came too close or did not go straight at the fence – I will have to take a look at the video.” Tebbel just decided to ride Don Diorado instead of Chacco’s son after the training camp  “because Don Diorado is easier – Chacco’s son is not that easy, he is very much a stallion.”
From the second to the third fence Tebbel had chosen one extra canter stride and he also took his time for the combination. Due to the mistake on top of this Maurice Tebbel’s result is not that good. National coach Otto Becker said: “One can see that they are young. One mistake can happen. They have the time pressure and have to wait the whole day – this is something that you can only learn from experience. Of course I had hoped it would go on as with Simone, but I do not blame the young pairs. It is not dramatic.”