Mark Bellissimo Apologises to the Grooms

The CEO of the Tryon International Equestrian Center, Mark Bellissimo, issued a statement in which he confessed of having made an error. This error were the accommodations for the grooms at the WEG. Just some of them can sleep at the location, many others have to stay in hotels far away from the location. This is an impossible situation for any groom who just wants to do his job. Bellissimo said he had underestimated the demand for on-site housing and that he had been too optimistic. “We are doing everything we can to rectify the situation,” so the founder of the Tryon Equestrian Center said. “Without our grooms there would be no equestrian sport, ” so Bellissimo about the groom’s importance. “You have my word that we will resolve all issues related to the grooms accommodations.” Currently there are mobile homes on site as well as cabins with a bathroom and shower for two people as well as a resort that is a 35 minute drive away and has a shuttle service. There also are tents with air-conditioning, showers and bathrooms, but -according to Bellissimo- these do not meet the requirements. Therefore they were looking for alternatives.