You may announce: Gold for Germany

Everybody still remains reserved in the German team. And yet it is clear: Germany is going to win gold! “We won’t celebrate before everybody has finished his ride“, says Monica Theodorescu, the federal coach. But above all she is happy about the last ride of her four girls. Helen Langehanenberg and Damon Hill achieved 81.357 percent thus lacking only 0.2 percent behind her team colleague Isabell Werth and Bella Rose. This is an order which has been unique so far.” I think that this hasn’t been so bad anyway”, Theodorescu says smiling. “He certainly could have been more relaxed but we don’t want to search for mistakes. Moreover we still have a couple of days to go. What is important is the fact that all four riders have shown a top performance and no one has left something over or produced a mess.”

Once again Damon Hill was a little bit faster than Langehanenberg and wanted to stop more earlier. at the end of the test. But this was only a minor mistake on that day. “He is a stallion and clever”, the federal coach explains. Helen Langehanenberg reports: “He doesn’t do that in the training. He has done this test that often and just simply knows where the end is. But generally speaking it was great. The warm-up was already overwhelming. The stadium is really marvelous and the atmosphere is great. This is my fourth championship with Damon Hill now and he has always made every effort.“

And yet these are the first World Equestrian Games for the couple and for Helen Langehanenberg herself. “It’s a pity that we have not been able to see the other disciplines so far. But this is something which we will manage to do as well.”

Adeline Cornelissen with Jerich Parzival N.O.P, who achieved 79.629 percent and made no mistakes, is currently on the third place and thus between the three German riders. “We have ridden a secure test and he felt very good. In the special I am going to try still a little bit more.“