Luciana Diniz’ AS-Taro Joins Lady Lindenhof

Only recently Portuguese show jumper Luciana Diniz disclosed that Lady Lindenhof has been retired. Now she has announced that 19-year-old Oldenburger gelding As-Taro by Azett will join Lady Lindenhof and his old friend Locarno in retirement at Haras du Meautry. Together with As-Taro Luciana Diniz competed at international five-star level. The fact that made the pair very special: the born Brazilian often rode the Oldenburger chestnut horse without a snaffle and only a piece of leather in his mouth because As-Taro suffered from arthritis in his nape and the snaffle put too much pressure on the nape. The pair’s most successful year was 2009 when they were placed second in the Grand Prix of Monte Carlo, fourth in Estoril, third in San Patrignano, and third in Rio de Janeiro.