Laura Klaphake & Catch Me If You Can

Laura Klaphake with more Focus

After Laura Klaphake and 10-year-old Catoki daughter Catch Me If You Can had a stop at the wall yesterday it was clear that she wanted to avoid this mistake today. “I was very focused on the wall and as you could see it worked. Catch Me never had problems with walls. It was my mistake yesterday.” The pair finished the course with only one time penalty point which meant a place among the top three at the current time. The course – as can be seen with every pair – provides many error sources. “It really is difficult,” Klaphake analysed. “Especially the last round. I lost time there because I choose to take six canter strides instead of five, but I felt it was more important to stay clear.”
National coach Otto Becker praised his rider. “She reacted correctly at the wall. And she instinctively took the correct decision for the finishing line. It was great. The course is difficult – it could have been the course for the final tomorrow.”
Becker also commented on the reasons for not nominating Philip Weishaupt, who had planned to compete Convall in Calgary and therefore was not a choice for Otto Becker. ” I can say with complete impartiality that we wanted pairs for whom the WEG were the main event, who wanted to focus on this. That was what we wanted and what we followed through with.¬†We do not know if it was the right decision but we had discussed this with Philip and Ludger and Philip decided. There was no disagreement, we only had different opinions.”