Kristina Sprehe & Desperados

Kristina Sprehe’s Third Victory: “Something Really Special”

This was a great performance: Kristina Sprehe won her third Meggle Champion title at the finals in Dortmund. Right from the beginning the pair was focused and allowed for no mistakes. The Team World Champion and the 14-year-old Hanoverian stallion started with an expressive extended trot and were able to maintain the high level throughout their performance. For the transitions of the piaffe-passage tour they even earned some 10s. “There was no reason to expect that at our first indoors competition,” the three times winner said, seemingly pleased.  “Today, however, I had a one-of-a-kind feeling. I was able to really ride today.”  Besides from training with German national coach Monica Theodorescu, the pair has also profited from another form of acclimatisation: after an eight week stud service break, Sprehe took the stallion to various arenas in order to show him something new. This strategy seems to have paid off.
Second place went to Ulla Salzgeber with 16-year-old Herzruf son Herzruf’s Erbe; the pair also showed a harmonious performance. “It was unfortunate that Herzi had to defecate befor the first passage, this disrupted our performance for a short time, but otherwise I am happy with our performance.” 77,647 percent, however, were only a slight advantage to third place – Isabell Werth with Don Johnson and 77,549 percent. “Yesterday we did not have our best day,” Werth said about the Grand Prix. “For us, the competition should have started from the last middle line. Today, Don Johnson showed what he could have shown yesterday; the performance was confident and reliable. I hope yesterday will be only a practical experience.” Next week, Jonny is supposed to compete in the freestyle at Den Bosch – and Isabell Werth travels to the World Cup finals at Las Vegas with El Santo. Bella Rose will be prepared during the outdoor season. “I am in the fortunate position of being able to spread my boys and girls a little bit” the third place winner told. Anabel Balkenhol and Dablino also showed a nice performance even if they could have done better than the 74,824 percent they showed. However, mistakes during the flying changes prevented them from a better result. Team World Champion Fabienne Lütkemeier and D’Agostino were placed fifth with 74,725 percent. German national trainer Monica Theodorescu seemed to be happy: “It was very enlightening to see so many cadre horses in one place. The overall results were good. We are pleased that we remain on such a high level.”