Kendra Claricia Brinkop & Caramia

Kendra Claricia Brinkop Wins “Easily”

The Champions Cup in Frankfurt was no competition for young riders but the first three all were under 25. In the jump-off Kendra Claricia Brinkop and Hanoverian mare Caramia outjumped the competition. The rider from Marcus Ehning’s stable said: ” She could not have made it more easy. She is not your typical Chacco Blue daughter. She is quite small but very fast and has a high frequency. And she has heart enough for three horses.” Brinkop got Caramia’s ride only three months ago.
Second place in the World ranking competition went to only 21-year-old Lucas Porter from the US. The rider who is based at Jeroen Dubbeldam’s stable sat in the saddle of C Hunter, a Zangersheide stallion and another quick horse. “He is a bit special,” so Porter said. “But he has so much potential and is incredibly fast.”
Third place went to Guido Klatte Jun. with OS gelding Qinghai by Quidam de Revel. “He is the king of our stable,” Klatte said and laughed. “Everybody loves him and therefore he can do whatever he likes,” Klatte has been training with Franke Sloothaak for some time. According to Klatte Sloothak had helped him out of a bad mood ” All horses got better and I am having fun again.”