No Trust in Linda Algotsson: Not Part of the Squad

Having a look at the Swedish eventing squad one name is sorely missing: Linda Algotsson. Her results would have been comparable with those of other squad members. However, the Swedish eventer said about the new coach Frederik Bergendorff: “He says he does not have faith in me.” The rider furthermore stated that he had told her that the decision had not been taken with her horses or her results in mind, but instead with her personality since he did not trust her. Bergendorff told the Swedish magazine Tidningen Ridsport that he had hoped to be able to give a place in the squad to Algotsson by having talks with her but this had not been the case. One reason for the missing trust was a newspaper article, in which Linda Algotsson criticised former team coach Staffan Lidbeck. In the article she stated that she would never again submit to a team coach. However, the rider said: “I did not want to express that I would never again work with a coach but that I could not imagine to ever work with Staffan Lidbeck again.”
Furthermore, so Tidningen Ridsport, the new coach said that there were two riders who had said that Linda Algotsson was “not good for the team” – however, they had never or only seldom been part of a team with her. Algotsson criticised: ” He rather listens to these riders instead of speaking to me about it.” The rider said she would now focus on four-star events with Fairnet instead of on the European Championships: “For him I cannot change my personality so much that I would fit into a team.”