Jessica Mendoza To Ride Horses of Elite Horse Owners

Great Britain has founded an institution which is able to save horses for their riders for some time before selling them with a profit. Similar schemes already exist in the Netherlands and Germany. The British version is called Elite Horse Owners (EHO) and next to eventer Tim Cheffings and dressage rider Hannah Biggs they were able to win show jumper Jessica Mendoza for their team. EHO grants a tax efficient way of holding shares in horses. The plan is to develop young horses and sell them after championships with a profit – however, there is no guarantee for profit.
20-year-old Jessica Mendoza will be responsible for the show-jumping horses. She will get horses from now on until Tokyo 2020. Mendoza is one of the greatest talents in her country and was reserve rider for Rio, making her the youngest British team member of the last 40 years.