Isabell Werth & El Santo NRW

Isabell Werth’s El Santo NRW in Rio? Without Werth!

These days many horses change their owners, but this transfer is a big surprise: according to, Isabell Werth’s El Santo NRW in the future will be ridden by Spanish Jose Antonio Garcie Mena. For Werth the Ehrentusch son would not have been her choice for the Olympic Games in Rio (ahead of him are Bella Rose, Don Johnson and Emilio), but the experienced Grand Prix horse is a great hope for the Spanish rider. Presently he did not have any Grand Prix horse. Garica Mena told Top Iberian that the Olympic Games were his goal but that he could not yet give a prognosis.

Isabell Werth and El Santo were a part of the Grand Prix scene for years. In 2011 at the European Championship in Rotterdam they finished in seventh place. At the World Cup Final in Den Bosch in 2012, they won fourth place, a year later in Lyon fifth place and recently sixth place in Las Vegas.