Isabell Werth & Emilio

Isabell Werth: “That was only Damage Control”

What happened there? Having Emilio take Weihegold OLD’s place in the Nations Cup in Aachen should only have been a formality to have a look at his shape for the WEG in Tryon. But it seems the Westphalian gelding’s motivation to make the long journey to the US is lacking.  In the first two piaffes the 12-year-old Ehrenpreis son refused to cooperate and reared, mistakes in the flying changes followed. “I don’t know why this happened,” the number one in the world said, shrugging her shoulders. The result were 75,516 percent and place 17. “Usually the piaffes are his highlight. He somehow seemed to be irritated and took that with him right through the whole competition. But: New game new chance.” The rider from Rheinberg furthermore said the horse seemed to have been unsure of himself and maybe was not as calm as she thought. “Then it was only damage control,” Werth said. However- Isabell Werth does never give up: “On Saturday the competition continues. I hope I will be able to analyse everything, but I do not think he will have a big problem from now on.”
Commenting on the competition among the team Werth said: “Today all of us had to cook, but I cooked the worst water.”