Hopetoun Horse Trials No Longer Affordable

The organisers of the Hopetoun Horse Trials in Great Britain were sad to announce that the cross country competition was no longer viable and therefore will not be continued. There CICs ranging from one to three-star level and a CCI1* and a CCI2* took place. Even though so many competitions were offered there were not enough entries. Stuart Buntine, one of the organisers, told Horse & Hound that it was difficult to set a date. They had to move the event several times since there were too many CIC3* in the country. They were the ninth CIC in a row, and the one that is the farthest way for the riders. This year they only had 15-20 entries for the three-star competition and if some riders who brought three or four horses with them didn’t come again then the event was no longer viable.
It is unfortunate that the decision had been taken before it became known that the event at Barbury Castle might discontinue since the castle is for sale.