Big disappointment at German dressage camp: Totilas and Rath will stay at home

Everything looked great: The comeback of Matthias Rath and Totilas was promising, even better than everybody had expected. They even could dream of winning the gold medal in the individual after the stallion had beaten the hitherto undefeated Valegro twice in Aachen. Now, however, there came shocking news from the training camp in Perl-Borg for the team from Germany: Totilas is not going to go to Normandie. Shortly before the departure (scheduled for tomorrow) Totilas hit against a present ganglion which caused him pain afterwards. After an intensive consultation with the head of the team, the vet and the rider the decision was taken in favor of the horse . Consequently Totilas will dispense with the start at the World Equestrian Games. On his homepage Matthias Rath wrote: „ For me this year and above all the comeback of Toto were amazing and we were looking forward to the World Equestrian Games like mad. Totilas was in perfect shape and it gives us a hard time to announce our withdrawal shortly before the Games.” Fabienne Lütkemeier and D’Agostino will replace Matthias Rath and Totilas. The couple had already done their first test Championship at the Europeans in Herning. In Denmark the team from Germany already managed to win the gold medal and even without Matthias Rath and Totilas there is a good chance to catch medals for the Germans. And yet the big chance to win an additional individual medal is gone (this chance also presents for other members of the German team). Moreover Rath will miss the opportunity to defend the gold medal which Edward Gal once managed to win with the stallion.