Glock’s Johnson and Boleybawn Ace Possible Olympic Horses

In the Netherlands there are an additional two horses who are believed to have the chance to attend the Olympic Games in Rio and who therefore were admitted into the programme by the foundation “Nederlands Olympiade Paard”. One of the horses is dressage horse Glock’s Johnson TN, the other is eventing horse Boleybawn Ace. The contracts were signed, so both horses will have their names ending with “N.O.P” in the future. Hans-Peter Minderhoud and 13-year-old stallion Johnson were already part of the bronze-winning team of the European Championships in Aachen. They also won individual bronze. British based Andrew Heffernan and 10-year-old gelding Boleybawn Ace were part of the team last year in Caen, which surprisingly won bronze and qualified for Rio. This year, the pair was placed top 25 in Fontainebleau and Badminton.