Isabell Werth & QC Flamboyant OlD

Soccer Atmosphere in Frankfurt: Werth wins for the forth time

After the Final of the Nürnberger Burg-Pokal in the Festhalle Frankfurt one thing is certain: the audience – the venue was sold out- loves the dressage sport and knows how to make it’s opinion heard. There was not only one instance in which the results appeared and there were loud whistles. However, they were the loudest when Hubertus Schmidt and Escolar were placed second behind Isabell Werth and QC Flamboyant OLD. The Westphalian stallion under Hubertus Schmidt had presented in top form  and the judges at the long side of the arena saw him in first place but the three judges at the front saw Isabell Werth and the five-year-old national champion in first place. Werth and the 9-year-old Oldenburger gelding by Fidertanz/De Niro (breeder: Werner Meyer) won for the fourth time ahead of the other seven finalists.
Hubertus Schmidt and the Estobar NRW/Fürst Piccolo son bred by Sabine Ludwichowski achieved a result of 77,195 percent. He had won the hearts of the audience and even Isabell Werth had to admit: “I think everybody could have lived well with the result if it had been the other way round. The audience stated its opinion. It was a bit like soccer here. But I liked that.”
Chief judge Katrina Wüst said after the competition: “There was a discrepancy between the judges at the long side and at the front. What the judges at the long side might not have seen is that Escolar did not only have an extra flying change after the strong gallop but already after the middle gallop.”
Hubertus Schmidt, who has had the two times national champion in his stable since he was four, was still happy: “He is still very green. It was our fifth competition this year. And I was not that skilful in the transition from the strong gallop, that was my fault.”
Isabell Werth had her hands full with a horse that was impressed by the atmosphere: “Today he was a bit timid. At the long side he flirted with the judges but I think we did a good job altogether. He is very strong but his heart is still quite small.”
Matthias Bouten was happy with this third (and fourth) place. He rode with Hanoverian stallion Quantum Vis MW by Quaterback/Gloster (breeder and owner: Maja Wieczorek) to third place with 76,341 percent and with Hanoverian stallion Bodyguard by Burlington /Pik L (breeder: ZG Frieling) to fourth place with 74,146 percent. “It could almost not have been better,” Isabell Werth’s former employee said. “Bodyguard excelled himself, because at first sight he is not the most spectacular horse; and Quantum, who is not yet relaxed enough just has great gaits.”
Even though there was a lot of discussion concerning the ranking the final was a highlight. Isabell Werth: ” The Nürnberger Burg-Pokal has become its own brand. Everyone abroad has a look at the German horses.”