Michael Jung & fischerChelsea

Frankfurt: Michael Jung Feels the Christmas Spirit

Michael Jung no longer counts his successes. In the meantime there are just too many of them. Therefore he was not able to tell during the press conference after his victory in the Champions Cup with fischerChelsea the number of competitions counting towards the world ranking he had already won before.  “I think it were some,” the rider from Horb said and smiled. “However, at this great event in this atmosphere- this is something special.” The two times Olympic winner said he felt the Christmas spirit here in Frankfurt. fischerChelsea, his 9-year-old Check In daughter was very sensitive and complicated to ride, but had a lot of energy and motivation and that made it easier in such a winning round.  He was more than a second faster than Swedish Rolf-Göran Bengtsson with Holsteiner gelding Oa Grove’s Carlyle. Bengtsson credited Michael Jung: “He is used to ride at a fast pace and is good with turns. He just was much faster. Kudos! ” Third place went to Italian Luca Maria Moneta with Ambra, who also praised the spirit of the event.
Michael Jung answered to the question if he still had the ambition to attend a championship as a show-jumper said: ” I want to develop further and I think that I have great and very talented young horses. But I also have to think about how to use them. And I also know that this is far far away. Today it rattled three times during the course. But my dreams are the motivation for getting up every day.”