Fiona Bigwood Back with Victory – Gal’s Undercover Once Again with Tension

Two horses were of special interest at the CDI3* in Nieuwe En Sint Joosland: Edward Gal’s 15-year-old Glock’s Undercoer N.O.P. as well as Fiona Bigwood’s Atterupgaards Orthilia. Both horses were last competed at the European Championships in Aachen. However, only one of the horses was able to show its potential: Atterupgaards Orthilia. The 11-year-old Oldenburger Mare and the British rider won the Grand Prix with a result of 75,640 percent ahead of Dutch Madeleine Witte-Vrees with Cennin (73,260 percent) and Jorinde Verwimp (BEL) with Tiamo (71,040 percent).
Edward Gal’s Glock’s Undercover, who was disqualified in Aachen after a very tense performance due to the fact that he bled from the mouth, once again showed a very tense performance, which resulted in sixth place (70,220 percent).