Family Meggle to Nominate Champion of Honour

For many years, Toni and Marina Meggle support the dressage sport with much commitment. The Meggle Champions with their yearly finals in Dortmund is the highest remunerated dressage series in Germany. Now, the both of them have introduced a new project: the “Meggle Champion of honour – Dressage in Harmony”. Often, immediate success is the first goal in the education of a young horse, horses do not have the time to develop species-appropriate. With the new project, the Meggle family wants to put the focus on the partnership and co-operation between horse and rider.
The Meggle Champion of Honour will be determined in three events. The Hamburg Derby will be the start,¬†second the Dressur Gala at the Peterhof in Perl-Borg and last the Munich Indoors at the Olympiahalle in Munich. A panel of international judges, stewards and instructors will judge how the competitors in the Grand Prix handle their horses.¬† Among other criteria, fairness, overall harmony, and co-operativeness will be included into the evaluation. Two out of the three stages will count towards the overall ranking, the Munich Indoors are a mandatory stage. At the Munich Indoors the Champion of Honour will be nominated, who will receive a horse sculpture by Meissen Couture and a prize of 10,000 Euros. Patron of the series is instructor and author (“Dressage in Harmony from Basic to Grand Prix”) Walter A. Zettl.