Fabienne Lütkemeier: “Overall we did quite well”

Fabienne Lütkemier was the first to go in the Grand Prix at the World Equestrian Games in Normandy and showed a good round achieving 73,586 percent. One mistake in the one-tempis was the reason why she could not achieve a better result. “That was a pity”, the German summarized. “Normally we are good in that.” That the 25 year old had to be the first, was not really a problem for her: “One has to be the first. That was ok.” But getting up at 5 a.m. for that reason she did not like. At the beginning of her ride the Hanoverian chestnut gelding was a little bit spooky, but shortly afterwards the 14 year old was concentrated. “I wanted to ride fresh, happy and free, but with a calculated risk”, Lütkemeier said. “And I think overall we did it quite well.”

Klaus Roeser, German chef d’equipe, supported that: “As the first to go she had a lot of pressure, but she is such a good rider in competition and she has nerves of steel.”