Enzo Truppa Punished for Eremo Sale

The well-known five-star judge Enzo Truppa has been punished by the national Italian equestrian federation because he has sold Eeremo del Castegno before the Olympic Games, so eurodressage.com reported. He has to pay a fine of 10,000 Euro and will be suspended from all his functions at the federation and from his function as president of the Italian judge committee. Truppa and the federation had signed a contract in which Truppa promised to save┬áRohdiamant son Eremo del Castegno until the Olympic Games, in exchange for 280,000 Euro from 2012 to 2015. Truppa’s daughter Valentina rode the horse until the end of 2015. Then, however, Truppa sold the horse to Brazilian Jorge Ferreira da Rocha.
Truppa had filed an appeal, but the appeal was declined by the FEI tribunal. Truppa’s suspension will take place from September, 1st onward in order to allow Truppa to coach his daughter and Micol Rustignoli in Rio.