Emile Faurie & Weekend Fun

Emile Faurie New Trainer and Sales Manager at Hof Kasselmann

The 2012 team Olympic winner Emile Faurie has been hired as trainer and sales manager at Hof Kasselmann. For his new job he will give up his position as coach of the Finnish dressage riders.  However, he will still work as trainer and train some Grand Prix riders. Emile Faurie’s own successful career has not yet ended; he was participant at two Olympic Games, three World Equestrian Games and six European Championships.

“I’m looking forward to these new opportunities,” the British rider said, who will now share his time between Germany and the UK. At Hof Kasselmann he wants to ride some horses and manage the training of the young horses.  At the start of his career Faurie was employed at the Hof Kasselmann, worked for the P.S.I. and trained young horses.

Francois Kasselmann, director of the Hof Kasselmann, is pleased about the new addition to his staff: “We have been working together for a long time now and I am happy that this partnership will be extended. Emile is a professional. Working with him is very pleasant and he is a perfect fit for the philosophy of the Hof Kasselmann and the P.S.I.”