Ellen Schulten-Baumer’s Gina Royal Has Died

Ellen Schulten-Baumer’s first international Grand Prix Horse, Gina Royal OLD,  has been put to sleep at age 24 at the end of April, so eurodressage.com announced. In the last time, the Grosso Z daughter had shown age-related problems. In 1997, the mare came to Dr. Uwe Schulten-Baumer’s yard after the elite auction in Vechta. First, Isabell Werth competed with Gina Royal at Grand Prix level, but in 1998 Ellen Schulten-Baumer took over the training of Gina Royal. The pair had their Grand Prix debut in 2000, they won the finals of the Piaff prize two times and the Hamburg Derby. In 2006, the mare competed with Anna-Katharina Lüttgen at the Piaff prize. In 2007, Gina Royal was retired from the sport.