Break for Markus Brinkmann

German show-jumper Markus Brinkmann has been severely injured at the Horses & Dreams in Hagen a.T.W. The Neue Westfälische stated online that he had an accident in the warm-up area with his top horse Pikeur Dylon. The horse stumbled and fell. The result was a fractured elbow, a fractured cervical vertebra and a ligament injury of the cervical spine. Dylon only suffered from some bruises. Brinkmann had severely limited movement due to a plaster cast and a neck brace, but he is on his way to recovery. However the 36-year-old’s break will be some weeks longer. This is especially aggravating since Brinkmann recently had a run. He was at the World Cup Final in the US and now would have to attend a Nations Cup in France. The Nations Cup as well as the German Championships in Balve in three weeks will now take place without Brinkmann. But his goal is to be back in the saddle for the CHIO Aachen.