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Edward Gal Cancels Gothenburg – Werth still Unsure

The World Cup stage in ‘s-Hertogenbosch last weekend suffered from many short notice cancellations, now it seems the World Cup Final in Gothenburg will suffer the same fate. Yesterday, it became known that Charlotte Dujardin (GBR) cannot defend her title due to a legal dispute concerning the ownership of her horse Uthopia. Now Edward Gal (NED) has also cancelled the Final, he fell during training last week,suffered some severe bruises and is not fit yet.
On the other hand it’s also not sure yet if Isabell Werth will compete in Sweden. She had to cancel den Bosch after the Hanoverian gelding injured himself in his box. Meanwhile he does some light training, so the St. Georg reported, but in order to undertake the 12-hour journey he needs to be 100% fit. Werth wants to decide if she will compete at the end of the week.