“Threatening call” before Eckermann’s accident

Althought Katrin Eckermann, the 24 years old jump show jumper from Germany, has had many negative experiences in the past weeks, there is now another piece of news which becomes public and with which the rider of Gut Berl could certainly have dispensed with. According to  Westfälischen Nachrichten  her boyfriend had received a threatening call before her accident. According to the police in Warendorf, it had been a mysterious call one may consider as threatening call. If and when the prosecution is going to institute a procedure has not been decided yet. That is what the newspaper wrote. Even the exact course of the accident has not been established yet. Katrin Eckermann overturned with her car on the rain-wet street and came to a hold on the roof. She suffered a craniocerebral injury and had to undergo a surgeon on her collarbone which she had broken only recently.