Sanne Thijssen’s Dead Horse Sara Galotiere Might Have Been Doped

The death of the horse Sara Galotiere, ridden by Dutch Sanne Thijssen, in Liverpool is subject to speculations and accusations: According to the FEI the horse had banned substances (analgesics and anaesthetics) in its body. Father Leon Thijssen told this could lead to the suspicion that the fall and subsequent death of the horse could have been caused by the horse being sedated. He emphasised that such accusations were more than damaging and that the FEI had made serious procedural mistakes. His daughter wanted to be present when the horse was euthanised but was not allowed to, but at the same time they were not informed that the horse had been tested for doping. They only found out
after the Dutch federation received a letter, which announced a six months suspension for Sanne Thijssen. According to several veterinarians, ketamine, the drug the mare tested positive for, was  the drug of choice used to euthanise a horse in nine out of ten cases.