Greg Broderick’s Olympic Participation Still in Question?

When Irish chef d’équipe Robert Splaine already decided after the Nations Cup in St Gallen that Greg Broderick and MHS Going Global would represent Ireland in Rio this led to some discussions. Bertram Allen was the rider to make this opportunity for Ireland even possible, he was the one who had achieved the most important points – and many expected that they would choose him to represent Ireland. Even though Broderick showed himself to be in top form recently there are still Denis Lynch and Cian O’Connor who rank far ahead of Broderick in the world ranking.
Now it seems that the 31-year-old’s participation in Rio is not yet sure. The Irish newspaper Independent reported that there is controversy concerning the ownership of the horse. Horses, so the Olympic rules state have to be registered by the FEI as property of owners with the same nation like the athlete by January 15th. The horse indeed is registered in Ireland, but the question arose if this was legally the case. The horse is owned by the Caledonia Stables, who have their actual registered office in Canada. Other horses owned by the Caledonia Stables led by Lee and Paul Krüger are competing for Canada. Now the question is if the horse was wrongly registered for Ireland for four whole years.
A spokesperson of the Irish federation declined these theories. Nobody had submitted an appeal, additionally the selection criteria for the Olympic Games included eligibility of the horse and the horse was eligible for Ireland. Tomorrow is the deadline for the long list, Ireland can nominate three riders for the sole spot and then the FEI will check eligibility. Then it will be announced if or if not Broderick will be allowed to compete in Rio.