Dermott Lennon & Gelvins Touch

The Islands Leads Second Derby Qualification

Yes, as history tells us the British and Irish are good at Derby events. They showed it over the last years and this year a rider from the Islands is the favourite after the two qualifications: Dermott Lennon. The Irish and his 12-year-old grey horse Gelvins Touch by Touchdown, Irish bred, won the first and the second qualification of the Hamburger Derby. Holly Smith, British and third two days ago was again placed third with Quality Old Joger. However, between the two there is an Italian who is also not afraid of anything: Luca Maria Moneta with 17-year-old Neptune Brecourt. However, then the people from the Islands came again: Billy Twomey and Diaghilev also an experienced Derby team were placed third, ahead of Matthew Sampson (GBR) with Gloria vn Zuuthoeve and Nigel Coupe (GBR) with Golvers Hill.